Saturday, 15 September 2012

For a friend in love

Sun is not for shine
ray is arrow,
evening marks endless night
leaf weeps
as does step, mirror, soap
birdcall and traffic:
solitude's preferred colours
wrap the day in grey-shade
and tie with black-ribboned finality

Like now.

But night ends,
dawn breaks
in ways that twist equation
beyond all recognition.



Tuesday, 11 September 2012


an incarceration
by innocence
known imprisonment,
and the intervening years
were made of waves
leave and books
question and exclamation
choices, regrets and perfumes
paper-weights and heart-weights
wrong squares and bad bishops
we were skewered
by carelessness
forked by knights
that preyed in daylight and dream
and though a kite-thread ran
on a score sheet
with indecipherable scribbles
the moves that gained space
and those that checkmated
from then to now,
we remain
heart fish and heart fish
in mind-drained bowls
peering through refractions
glass-made realities
not of our design.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Gem and Jewellery show

Decorator of crown,
beautifier of naked neck
witness to union
marker of class,
gem and jewellery
are made for show,
the ultimate frill
but behind the ornate
the crusting
lance and polish
there is another hand
other foreheads
with de-jewelled beads
undermined names
that are un-googled
from fashionable transcripts
lost in the mud-letting
of cosmetic commerce,
and shadowed in the glitter
they’ve crafted:
we bury ourselves
in our respective
political economies.

[Inspired by the photography of Rukshan Abeywansa]