Saturday, 13 October 2012


Like always,
she is present
and absent,
in and out of me,
i speak her words,
wonder if my face mimics 
manner and humour,
love and confusion,
and i remember
the intensity of giving
equalled by an intensity of refusal;
she was proud
and such a child
in her gifting 
and embrace,
mother and teacher,
but such a student too.

And I, 
I cannot remember
the kiri-suwanda,
that baby time
or her giving
for time-squeeze
and event-mix
with the curse of awkwardness 
she left
so did I
each to a specific banishment
each in a specific abhinishkramanaya,
and our returns never coincided
our orbits chose to slip 
and miss.
I was not her eka-pun-sanda,
not all the time;
but i was, i am sure,
now and then,
and that's all that matters
in the matter of thanksgiving.

*Today is the 3rd anniversary of her passing. 


Wednesday, 10 October 2012


taut-able, bendable
line and particle aggregate
made for walking
meant to stop
made to break
and sing,
wire is heart-string
and thought-stream
metaphor for entanglement
simple sibling
of a human twin
that will not laugh
but can be made to smile
at a pinch. 


Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Tests balancing-skill
between greed and need,
a little less gives burn
a little more floors;
a delicate thing
is meal.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Mood Change

A coin flip thing
an egg-chicken question
cloud-lines and colour-twists
the jumbling of script
and perfuming of song,
a mixing at fingertip
we rarely use.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

A ballad of ‘lesser things’

Buffeted by wind

caressed by mist
drenched with dew drop
rain drop and sun drop
these lesser attractions
in the great plains
the ‘Maha Eliya’
of kuru-ali legend
and the grotesque footprints
of and elephant-killer
and colonial extractor
kicking our sensibilities                                                                   
watch and wilt
flower and fade
color and discolor
as the ancients did
as we do now
and perhaps as others will.


Love's timeless yardstick
the scratch-test
to measure
in drawn-tear
or nonchalance
the full weight 
of heart-return.