Tuesday, 17 December 2013


With chisel or pen
on rock or paper
there’s canvas and there’s crafting
there’s subject  and that’s choice
the mind’s delicacy
laid out in line
and deliberate blemish
an attachment that does not varnish
where sandpaper and eraser
are robber’s tools
and left untouched;
a meditation certainly
of their passing
and our illusions. 

[Inspired by a line drawing by Gamini Abeykoon]

Monday, 16 December 2013

Galle 'Heritage'

on rock and shore
heart and history
come through dark cloud and shadow
swirl around lighthouse
and ships that were not wrecked
into cawing and laughter;
the sentinels that remain
guarding enviously
the times that have not changed
but come with different name;
Break Galle break
slowly if you must
but break
for we are weary of lie
and shackles that  cut and cut
through centuries and confusion
cut still
like the sea