Friday, 4 November 2016


Silence is a product 
of all the songs
the high notes and low
the impossible mix
of birth and death
the concert of pauper and king
blend of unvanquished yesterdays
and impossible tomorrows;
silence is voice
cutting across memory 
navigating disbelief 
the marriage of the inevitable
with the fervent belief of immortality;
he’s gone
and in going
turned a country into a song
lined with the most transparent
of tears
music that drips
from life-edge and heart
so delicate
it’s called ‘silence’
for lack of better word
to describe 
a voice that’s gone
but stays

and stays. 

[Pic, Sandra Mack]

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Status Update

Icons that burst into a thousand hearts
a snap, a tear, a kiss
a comfort zone and a dead end
togetherness and fracture --
in preferred colours and frill 
the art direction of love
in cyberspace is short-handed
but on this side of your news feed
hidden from timeline 
oblivious to like, share and comment
true hearts beat and break 
at impossibility
that hard-drive collapse too soft to save
the irretrievable moments 

of love that was or will not be.