Saturday, 22 February 2014

Foliage Ayagama

Photo by Kevin Fernando
In every shade of green
on every leaf-tip and petal
on bough and fern
rock and root
the newly birthed and blooming
decaying and dead
there's a rain forest
captured in the tiny and mighty
the robust and fragile
the longer-life and ephemeral --
it's a story
an epic and a haiku.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Shadow Dance at Galle Face

Pic by Rukshan Abeywansha
Sand-water intersections
watch and move
the tides of days and nights
arrive and depart
in the resolve of revolve,
somersaulting through immemoriality
wading in feet-wet delight
not because it is evening
not because it's sun-dip time,
but earth and water
wind and fire
go through motions
choreographed at the beginnnig
work to the end
of all resolves
where human form
is line in a many-lined history.