Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Your hermitude
it’s a 24/7 thing
an ‘otherwise engagement’
a ‘Do not disturb’ sign
on a door whose color is a mystery
a no-no thing
a no-no-no thing
said so silently
that exclamation marks fall
and arrange themselves as postscript
in ad-animation style
but your hermitude
slips out and in
in doorless ways
marks ‘present’
in virtual space
and I wonder
(with a smile):
‘Exceptions for the privileged?’

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dhamma Lines

Every word is made for elaboration
for 'bulbing' and 'flagging'
for assertion of faith
in non-faithful ways,
made for coloring
and blinding
a cheering that dulls
the healing chant
the gathas, the pirith

rebelling even
again the thun-sutra

every word is observable in breach
and yet,
in and out of color
facing the blinding light
and in quieter shades

of stupa and bo tree
there is word-reflection
adhering affirmation
for words can be clap
and can be clasp

some are lit
and others light,
this Vesak
and always.