Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Saffron Song

It was the longest procession
longest in Asia
or at least in memory
so they said
of this Esala that colored street
in the saffron of renunciation
the white of adherence,
calculable in feet
or other length-units
and of the more enduring march
from here to ultimate destination
none can stop and say
‘I’ve come this far
and I’ve only that far to go,’
or ‘the long journey is almost done’
but here on the street
and from pavement
there’s much to take
from smile
and from feet
that leave no print
but re-traces nevertheless
the word that liberates.

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Imagining the Buddha

Delicate is advocated practice
and truth let’s say resides
between grip and nonchalance
delicate is the hand that crafts
posture and countenance
in ways that inspire
ways that prompt reflection
delicate has to be the eye
to reproduce the unblemished
to obtain from granite
compassion unparalleled.

[Inspired by the line drawing of the Galvihara Buddha statue by Gamini Abeykoon]