Sunday, 18 May 2014

Dipena tama-dhamsina


in these glittering times
of spectacle and flush
volume and insistence
is competition inscribed,
and yet in the compelling
in finish and provoking
of oohs and aahs
let it be said also
there’s crafting and frill
the meticulous and veneration;
there are fingers here
eye and heart
delight in process and product
and faith every inch of the way
colored by ethics of giving
rejoicing in obtained joys
there’s dana, sila and bhavana
cognizance of eternal verities
and affirmation of the collective
murmured in the timeless chant,
sabbe satta bhavantu sukhitatta.

[Inspired by the photography of Rukshan Abeywansha and Ravindra Dharmatilleka]

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