Thursday, 25 June 2015


Beyond the deep blue of Dolu Kanda
and its unyielding secrets
the herbal texts and undecipherable inscriptions
beyond the intersection of margin and error
the un-inked slippages of memory
beyond jammed doors, watered balconies
and green lights disguised in red
beyond white nights and freezing dawn
the dismantling of clocks
and the crowning of the timeless
beyond never and forever
and rose-apple cheeks
there's a word seeking translation
languages uninvented
and the dreamy territories
and the happily lost.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Ode to waiting things

There must be a tree
skyline-blotting and majestic
rich in black and green 
severally armed 
to catch and clutch
passing memories 
and abandoned sweet-nothings;
there must be a sudden flower
or an ice-cold pebble 
on a path leased to an eternal noontime;
there must be a single note
evicted from music score 
wandering from wall to wall
weeping its banishment;
there must be things 
that await recognition 
and love. 

Sunday, 21 June 2015

True recognitions

There's a puzzle,
a completed picture
shimmering in the half light
of satisfaction
rectangular end
of gathering the scattered,
And long after cheer
has yielded to bye and good night
the chips that fell swept away
spills wiped clean off table and floor
and the lights switched off
glowing in lime green
and turquoise blue
one piece steps out
of equation and perfection,
invisible to all
but eyes that collect
the disintegrated
and voice says,
'a child'.