Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Anthem for used books

In the re-freshing of reading
in passing from hand to hand
in the devouring by gaze
in the scramble of re-telling
writer is broken and re-made
poet reconfigred
into the oblivion of dust
immortalized in word and syntax
lines that will never read the same
and these special-needs homes
the dead are resurrected
by soft-finger flip
and time that stays
in the textual currency
beyond price.


The license
for anytime proximity
hands for caress and take-care
gaze to watch for trip
feet to move and pick
warmth for comforting
all heart-made
in the give-all generosity
and take-all of suffering
that is maternity.

[Inspired by the line drawings
of Gamini Abeykoon]


The natural is for harvest
take as given
give as taken
then toil and mould
from earth to hearth
hand to mouth
in long-learned

[Inspired by the line drawings of Gamini Abeykoon]