Friday, 26 December 2014


They leave marks,
have you noticed?
Thin lines on sand
separating wet from dry.

They break
have you noticed?
rolling from horizon to shore
to rise and roar
to fall and fell.

They come and go
have you noticed?
They give and take
mimicking life
laughing all the way
to world's end
and back.

This was no wave
like other waves
no give but for eternal verities
but lots of take
take away
burden and memory
but for those who lost
left behind
with scattered shards
of lives un-lived
that cut
even now
ten years later.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

වැස්සට නොතෙමුනු කමටහනක්

මහා වැස්සෙන් බේරෙන්නට 
ඉහලූ කුඩය යට
සිල් සුවඳින් තෙත බරිත වූ 
සුදු වත 
හැඳි රුව 
පින් කල නිසාද පව් කල නිසාද,
දික් වුයේද සසර 
කෙටි වුයේද,
දැහැන් ගත වූවාද
සිල් බිඳුනේද?
නතර විය 
ඇය ළඟ  


Uncontained and uncontainable
knower of darkest secrets
residenced everywhere
and also
there is no single
‘this and no other’
for the faithful
no extra-special day
in the all-year clasp
of true worship.

[Inspired by the photography of Tharindu Amunugama]

Monday, 22 December 2014

Adam and Eve

They were not born
not on Day One
they were born though,
and they live now
and they’ll be born again
will be clothed and unclothed
will unite and part
will know tears and smiles
and the soft of love-eye gaze
they will lean on tree
and on one another,
they will recline too
where they will.

[Inspired by the line drawings of Gamini Abeykoon]