Friday, 25 July 2014

Fellow Creatures

They slide and slither
open wings and fly
push out of barren land
grow and perish
alight on texts
infect and draw
watch and stare
close eyes and look away --
they are not exhibits
or capture-keep
manifestations are they
of human things
and human ways.

Inspired by the photography of Divanka Randula

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Portrait of Kumar

Unnamed apostles and unnameable gargoyles
the elegant counterpointing
of grotesque and angelic
the twitter of the immovable
the stillness of the fluid
the swirl of moment among the seemingly timeless
the blush of the historicized
and brashness of the nondescript
passed over by chronicler
but who in anonymity and chance
offer everyday frills
so brick and marble can breathe
can speak, laugh and weep
the narratives of sculptor and faith
the Mephistophelean traps
of revelation and deceit
the clarities of the oblique
and the confusion of the smooth
the slanting by sun
the casting of doubt
the irreverence of assured orbits
and the interruption by human error
that other cathedralizing
in the gaze of a sansaric tourist
and as such
whose credentials
amateur or professional or bit of both
are unchecked
for reasons uncheckable.

Inspired by 'Nostalgie04' an exhibition of photographs of life in and our the Notre Dame by Kumar de Silva

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Air Force One

It’s a primordial
a complete fleet
the classic original
of many classes
specific capabilities
marked by color-differentiation
subtlty of swerve and pounce
angle of descent
size and texture of target
this Air Force  takes out
but in taking gives
without promise and pomp
sweet-talk and bullshit,
from wingtip to wingtip
flight path to chosen destination

Inspired by the photography of Dharashan Julian

Monday, 21 July 2014

Buddhang Saranang Gacchami

From Arahat Mahinda
to Gangaramaya and now
there are centuries and histories
ancient paths and newer feet
but flame is flame
belief is belief
from that Poya to this
and to days and sorrows
yet to come
for word was word
is and will be word.

Inspired by the photography of Ravindra Dharmathilake

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Drop Sutra

A grain
of unknown birth
rocks in cradles vast
rises to sky
falls on earth
goes underground
like fugitive and rebel
slips through lens
interrupts  and bests
thesauric capture,
gives and slips
drops and warns,
heats up and cools,
subverts residencies
outlives residents.

Inspired by the photography of Nuwan Senaratne