Sunday, 20 November 2011

Shelf life: Indeterminate*

These are the libraries

of our land,
made of novels and epic poetry
rarely perused
seldom cited:
and yet there are letters
words and metaphors
tapestries woven
with labour
and the threads of being,
the bartering without permission
wheels that turn
despite impediment and age-limit,
the fruits of our today
the catch that fell through
the butterfingers of political economy,
the story of a child
and her tomorrow
and the transcripts
of a timeless,

1 comment :

  1. I read the poem with the photographs … I like the poem
    Yes they are like mobile libraries that carry the books written about this ‘universe’, also I think there are some things written on their faces ....... the lessons like‘determination’ etc.

    Let us wish them all ‘aayu boho wewa’! And let us try to read these valuable books with little patience and with care.