Friday, 23 December 2011

The most beautiful eyes

I can see me in your eyes,
can you see you in mine?

She asked.

In your eyes, little girl,
I see roads and skies
patterns that capture thought-train
randomness that turns heartbeat into petal
and road into river.
In your eyes,
my petalled-heartbeat,
I see thorn and laughter,
tear and resolve,
breaking, breaking and breaking
renewal, renewing and reward,
a child, mother and sister,
impossible loves
quietly slipping
into possible togethernesses,
fingers reaching out
to touch your cheek
and your arms opening wide
to receive world
and your fingers trembling
at the touch of a baby’s breath.
In your eyes, my darling,
I don’t want to see me
or places I’ve come from
or things I want to do.
There’s so much to see
so little time
but that’s alright.
Just look around,
that’s enough.

[written for my daughter 'Mitsi' (Mithsandi)]



  1. this is lovely. specially because I too watch the paths and patterns of the universe in a pair of little eyes

  2. really touched...pins and needles ran in to the chest while i was reading it....

  3. how wonderful little Mitsi
    to see yourself in dad's eye,
    he himself has a great eye...
    the day you learn to look around
    and see things for themselves,
    ready to share a friendly smile,
    and to realize that your pretty eye
    shows you everything but not itself...
    you'll enjoy the true beauty of your eyes...

  4. Wonderful poem...