Thursday, 26 January 2012

In the line of duty

Some say it’s just a job
And others in chest-filled proclamation
Burst a badge called ‘for the betterment of all’
Some say nothing at all,
They do and die
And all, without exception, are tagged with agency:
‘I chose!’
But there’s a bark that wasn’t recorded
A whimper lost in translation,
a tail that doesn’t wag;
‘God made man in His own image’
they say,
but perhaps the Egyptians got it right.

*Pic by Kani Pr of two bomb-sniffing dogs who died in an explosion.


1 comment :

  1. we salute you sir for selecting such a topic to discuss through your poems this time.

    are there any other things that we can learn from those battles of the past. history of these wars teach us many things. it is not just an issue of a geographical boundaries it is always a question of the boundaries of the hearts i believe.