Sunday, 15 January 2012

January thoughts

From a memory-ornament and a bird-call
flame, flame-thrower and spectacle,
photo-frame and vacancies
there were voids that were coloured by void
lives filled will lives
in the come-go of nothingness;
I watched it rain, meanwhile,
watched the watching for rain
in the swirl of Dry Zone dust and rural handicap
the immemorial twist of prayer and prey
the whirl of the dervish in temples of gold
the glance of a mendicant
unswept off pavement on wet, clammy mornings
and now, brushed with name, voice and lip
name is unpinned from meaning
unfettered tags spin and float
but you remain
unmoved by unclaritying winds
that whip city and citizen
you are you
of yesterday and tomorrow
and so preciously, of today.


  1. i am sure that these words will remain forever in the hearts of your readers ... i feel that the words are so preciously used ....

  2. Beautiful and this part
    'voids that were coloured by void' articulates the emptiness of it all.