Wednesday, 15 February 2012


There were pick-me-up times
in profusion
and so too ‘put-me-down’,
but in all the years of carrying
you did not know
(or did you, I wonder?)
who carried whom,
but I know,
girl of butterfly-winged thoughts
that I was more of let-you-down
than by-your-side,
For there were times
when my eyes were so full
of other tears
to see yours,
not even when they cascaded
fell from petal to petal
of your many booked universe.
I am ignorant, but this I know:
Amma varun pamanai mathu budu vanne.



  1. I remember my father vividly and think of him often and he lives on in me. Not because he was attentive and 'there' for me and yes he 'let us down' badly but cos he always sat on the verandah chair at a certain time, he had an order to his life and always made us see the sky, to turn our heads heavenwards, and he would be outraged at the plight of a beggar or a wounded stray dog. You never forget your father who guides you not always by example but by his dreams, his emotions and teachings. I think you are that father...;)

  2. Dear Mr. Seneviratne,'the most beautiful eyes' is one of my favorite poems that you have written. the words you have used there tell us about the beautiful bond that you have with your daughters.

    amma varun saha piya varun sema dena mathu budu wewa!
    amma is a so close character for a girl and it is never changing and that is so special but the place that a child keep for her/his father is also so beautiful.