Friday, 6 April 2012

The mother of all wars


Fighting is gender-neutral
even war, even men-men war
is femaled
for men take wife to frontline
take mother and daughter,
and war visits as anxiety and wail
but this war was differently femaled
for it came with fighting women
with some among them
made to explode;
but in the uneasy fleeing
from tyrant shooting to kill
into the arms of considered foe
timeless tenderness
was a flower that burst
through war-rubble,
a flower
easily crushed,
easily ‘warred’. 


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  2. Excellent ....

    So brilliantly written ……

    Wars do not last forever. Then comes the time the flowers get the chances to blossom once again and smile in the hearts of people.
    All the wars that we have read and have heard about never lasted forever but unfortunately each and every war ended leaving some bad memories and those things will stay in the hearts of people sometime to come. Sad.
    Wars are different … people fight for different purposes …..And some wars have different faces….no one should encourage any sort of wars ..... wars are wars ...wars bring us nothing but only leave scars and 'wounded hearts'

    i am thinking .....

    How uneasy it is to write or even think about wars ….

  3. Sir,

    the men who send their wives and girl friends to the front line and trying to hide behind their frocks and skirts can they really call them 'men' actually i am thinking about this 'men - men' war Sorry i m not asking you to answer and please pardon me this is not applicable to the other men.

    and these lovely 'women' who encourage their men to engage in wars i don't think that they are 'lover (husband/BF) lovers' i personally think that they are 'war lovers'. it is always good to have a mirror while walking here and there for them to stop somewhere for a moment and look in to their own faces ' how they really can see their own faces' their own 'images'

    let me tell you how useful this poem is all the men in my family highly appreciated this poem including my husband.

    all the best Sir