Tuesday, 24 April 2012


And Satheesh
you were so much like your father
spirited but not in-your-face
nor mine,
and your heart-timbre
was voice
in the long-breathed drag
wavering as the waves
of the great oceanic wilderness
that is also refuge
wavering in the less tempestuous flow
and the egoda-megoda
of life
in a boat that has now crossed
leaving cadence and echo;
haunts, brother.

1 comment :

  1. I remember that his father wanted to know ....

    egodaha yanno .... megodaha enno
    thawa kawruda inne ....

    thawa kawruda inne ? we don't know .... no one knows?

    mama me oruwe negala pedala ..egoda megoda yanawo .....
    mata den wehesai yanawaanam enne .....

    they may meet each other there for sure... He has gone across the river though he knew that it is not that easy .....