Monday, 28 May 2012

It’s the bubble of life

This one belongs to parents:
‘Fond Hopes’
this to friend and lover:
‘Be Forever’,
That one got away:
‘Where I Want To Be’;
and so we watch
this spherical arrangement
of water and air
where burst is un-doubted
but intact willed,
where suicide bubbles
with touch and not-go
disrupt geometrical eloquence,
watch the carnival of flight
delight and sparkle
the kiss that kills
but exclaim in obdurate bubblitude:
and in a bubbling tone observe:
‘And bubbles there will always be!’

[Inspired by the album 'Bubbles' by Natalie Soysa and published in 'The Nation', UNDO Section


  1. I did love this photo essay in the 'Nation' yesterday. Delightful pictures and poem.

  2. What's going on... only the mathematicians are supposed to be able to appreciate the beauty and complexity of bubbles. Looks like we have to add a poetry section to now!!!

  3. why would only mathematicians see the delicacy and the beauty of bubbles? there are people who can see beyond the x and y! Have you not seen the rainbows?

  4. I know. So I've been told, many times; but please dont bring a rainbow down to earth!