Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Now is another name
for tomorrow
it’s made of ‘yes’
a ‘yes’ of two million voices
a ‘no’ to yesterday,
and yes, a ‘maybe’ for some,
but a ‘yes’ of smile and resolve
of doing and doable
doing the not-done-for-years,
of prayers that may get answered
earth divested of grief
or containing sufferability in volume,
but pregnant
with yearned for harvests
of road, hospital and school
of childhood
and night skies
that will not collapse
on roof, road and dream ,
where politician lies
but does not kill
where there is grin,
not grimace,
a ‘yes’ said with caution, yes,
but not to please;
‘Now’ is another name
another word forbidden by way,
made possible by war-end:
ours to keep,
ours to squander.

Pic by Pushpakumara Matugama

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