Thursday, 19 July 2012


It’s skin and bone and plastic
flesh, blood and digital
name, number and heart
it’s curriculum vitae
written and unwritten,
but identity is clothed
layers and layers and layers
colour-mix and eye-fool texture
dissectible by hour of day
slottable by location
lipstiked and mustached
creamed and shaved
identity is for strut
and bullet
it is another word
for hide. 



  1. Identity is fro strut and bullet - Are you saying something here that you cannot "really say" any other way under circumstances

  2. identities are different to each and every identity but belong to one major family 'human'. here we all are identical' except the arhath,saints, and others who have attained 'nibbana'

    truth here is that 'identities' are not purely a product of a particular Family or a paramparawa, school, or particular village it is a product of the whole society, and these identities have and shows various colour combinations that have collated from the village called 'the world' and this generally happen during a during stages of life. the identities are not an isolated product this comes in different shapes and sizes of different cultures and concepts, values and customs an identity is a mixture of this and that and most of the things, bits and pieces of this whole world.

    strut or bullets, good or bad, fools or clever, pen and a weapon what are these? product of 'mankind' human beings' human made of human this is no humor i believe.

    great and good to touch a different sides of 'human beings' thank you.