Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Old words

Old words smell different
they read out differently
from written-time
and now;
it must be those other words
and their fragrant specifics
or memory squeeze
or just the moment inscription
on old words,
but they smell different
as if layered by other eyes
that robbed or gifted;
yes old words smell different
from today’s words
so fresh that they cry
for the thousand eye-fingers
that make for fraying;
maybe it’s the dust of neglect
as much as the fingers of visitation,
but old words smell different
now and then. 


  1. Dear Poet .........the truth is that some don't like 'old' not only the words but also the figures' that is why people now a days use very lovely way words such as 'chamila' and 'chaminda' forgetting the truth of life. rarely people say 'old is gold' i don't know. i think that some of our old is robbed by the invaders called 'time' i believe.

    piruwana poth wahanse, Jathaka katha, selalihini Sandeshaya, Gira Sandeshaya, Kaw silumina and other books of our old but golden years smells differently compared to now. And some of the books of today i believe smells the same.what do you say? i also see that in some of today's writings 'a mixture of both old and new' weavings ......'parana magal peduru aluth ratawata'

    this is a very thoughtful poem

  2. True Malinda. e.g. When we were young the word "gay" meant "to be happy"!