Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sea-yield, Pulmoddai

Life is  process
death too,
for some lives
are watered
by water-extraction
of both the living
and the dead,
and in the commerce 
of surplus-draw
death has different tags:
this one fresh,
that one preserved;
it’s all cut and dried
from sea to plate,
snip-snap life
has price and sorrow
lament and cheer
in gradations of volume
nuance of weight and flavour,
and immemorial questions:
who got caught,
who got dried,
who lives and who is dead?

[Inspired by the photography of Pushpakumara Mathugama and published in the UNDO Section of The Nation]


1 comment :

  1. life of a 'fish' is it sacrificing its life for the greed of human beings? or for the sake of a 'family economy', the fisherman will have to pay later (we will not get to know even the fisherman will not know how much and how he will have to repay according to the Buddhism) but this is a big income for the whole economy of any country. the buyer also will have to pay more than what he/she paid to purchase the 'fish for meals' 'for dinner' for 'lunch'

    panathipaatha weramani sikkapadan samadiyaami'-

    i am thinking ....... is it only the person who holds a little 'bili pitta' and catch fish will go to the 'not want/like to visit place' of this universe (the hell)
    where will the others go ? :)