Wednesday, 15 August 2012


They walk in and out
of my room
as I enter-exit theirs,
friends and colleagues
walking carriers of fear and hope
mask-wearing and unmasked
perhaps like me,
they come with complaint
and suggestion
demand and supply
the randomness of our days
the moments that drive
the events that frame
and they come
with tea or coffee
copy or excuse
heart or mind or both
paper to sign
joke to share
these paper-makers
who test my work-time teeth
in their uniqueness
different from one another
varied from hour to hour
and I wonder:
do they come to see me
and see someone else instead,
like I do
when with smile or grime
or threat and pledge
they walk in and walk out? 


  1. Oh, I'm sure they see you!

  2. co -operation with co- workers brings and adds confident to lives of all and those things are are not confidential.

    dear poet i guess we can see you through this page 'Malinda words'.

    people can see you in different ways the way they understand you through your words.

    some see somethings but don't see many things for sure. to see something accurately not easy. An analysis of a person of something may be at the end of each day will bring in to the not always in to the surface but will stay in the deepest place of the heart and mind and only the person who saw this and that knows what he/she saw or only that person knows the outcome of the seen and not seen things of this society.

    others will not probably get to know all the things because none of can read 'hearts and minds' accurately it is easy to read the papers of the paper makers.