Saturday, 29 September 2012

Free thoughts on free

We want more!
And more and more!
And why stop at 6% of GDP
(the equivalent, that is)?
We could go up to 8 or 10,
or the whole hog,
right up to 100 per cent.
let’s have free rice
and free rides,
free market free-for-alls,
free falls and free sex,
free books and uniforms,
free milk too (why not?)
free speech and free insult
freedom to pilfer, freedom to cry
let’s free ourselves from free-misery
and why not, free extraction too,
like teeth, labor and love,
let there be ‘free’
in a free float state
free currencies and free smiles,
let there be so much free
that free comes without price
and like air is freely spoiled;
let’s have free
free citizen friends,
and let’s lynch
that two-tongued, ill-bred
uncouth and ill-willed crook


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