Friday, 21 September 2012


Because arrival was soft 

Because silence was solicitation enough
Because word and kiss
turned blood, pinched vein, twisted valve
Because fingertip touch stole breath
Because smile broke slow
          slower than flower-bloom
          eternal-slow it seemed
Because residence was not asked
          or given
          but as natural as wind,
          came without knock,
swirled, swept and dusted
Because rule was not obeyed
Because dress code was violated
Because tag was no-thank-you’d
Because those who came like wind
          went like wind
          without notice
Because when realization came a-visiting
          there was no sign
          not of come, not of go and nothing of passing,
Because of all this and more
          a bold-lettered banner was tied to a thousand arrows
          a mind-bow shot them all in all directions
          so one might target find
          and name


  1. I like this style very much. The author has achieved more than what he could have imagined through his simple work but very deep!

  2. Re "Because tag was no-thank-you’d" ; Because tag was no-thank-you-ed , perhaps?