Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ode to Judgment

In the high table they sat
pondering fact and fiction
law and order
right and wrong
crime and punishment
and down below
the judged waited
for word and execution;
from up above
the truth-sun beamed
in cloudless moments
of brevity and insanity,
and down below
the worms were patient:
death comes, now and then,
sooner or later. 

1 comment :

  1. i like the title a lot. though this discusses few things and aspects of a reader can imagine of many things i like to say that your title took my thoughts towards my own analysis of people sometimes 'self judgement' i am not totally sure whether i used the correct term to describe what i really have to say. what i want to say here is that ' i sometimes judge people using my own measuring and weighing components but i am not always 'accurate' 'in my judgments and assumptions of the ones in and out of my daily meetings, associations etc. i know it is very difficult to analyse people or give comment on them on various things. i like to believe that we live in a human errors are always possible world' none you can find with a 'pure & pure' 'human' i have not met any saints in my life time that i already came passing 4 + decades. i also like to add that when i hear others discuss or says things of others of various things ' i sometimes think can they say something or come to various conclusions about people out side their life circles etc' also i have noticed in many different occasions that they do the same errors or mistakes. Yes for sure such things that who ever discuss may not fall in to one particular category for instance 'bad' 'ugly' but in to many different volumes of categories i do not think that you will be able to find or encounter major differences when compared to this one with that one or they with them those with others except, ones like Navi Pillai and few others who were eagerly waiting to see 'cemeteries' in each and every inch of this land not happy gathering places or always discuss good things places' or 'eras'. everything and people are comparatively different to each other.