Wednesday, 6 March 2013

This nation is resilient

We will not petition the UNHRC
we will not confess to uncommitted crimes
we have nothing to say
to the ignorant,
to the blind,
to the selective inquirer;
we live instead
as we have
speak to one another
discourse with the wise
confess to the compassionate
as we are compassionate to confessor
open to the open-mind
firm in our faith
tested in our solidarities
resolute in the face
of storms beyond our strength
tender in the passing of time
in full cognition of light and shade
and the infinities of configuration
we fall, we rise
as we always have.

[Inspired by the photography of Rukshan Abeywansha and published in the FINE Section of THE NATION, February 24, 2013]



  1. Brilliant! Stay the course Sri Lanka, there are those of us even outside of your beautiful country who believe, and are there for support.

  2. we may not confess to uncommitted crimes,
    but that won't stop us from committing the unwarranted
    compassionate words have lost their impression
    its impact lost on the impatient
    hot blood reigns supreme in its stupidity
    "Come what may - caution to the winds"
    Saffron, orange, green, maroon
    rage is supremely colour blind