Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Matulu Crafts

Coconuts we know
King Coconut too
we know of timber 
King-post and such
we know shell 
as firewood and ornament
ladel and cup,
intricate weave too 
for decoration and roof
oil for the lamp
and for meal
flower for vinegar
for headier brews 
and decoration again,
kernal for relish
for milk, sweet 
‘gravying’ textures for tongue 
and this,
this retiring substance 
no less ‘ornatable’ gift
of the giving tree
in a thrice-blessed land
where thanksgiving is rare
and worship reserved 
for gods of lesser narrative. 

[Inspired by the photography of Chandana Wijesinghe, published in THE NATION, April 7, 2013]

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