Thursday, 25 July 2013

Ode to remnant

Continents and communities
villages and commons
memory and regurgitation:
these are the traditional homelands
of scattered conversations
of love’s gone astray,
the oblivion-bound remnants
of the undigested
the sweet-nothings that tarried on lip
and tongue-tip for a moment too long
of slipped out
out of place
out of time;
but of those other shards
of give and share
the interminable embrace
dissected in a wrong-time warp,
those never-to-be things
remembered in part but in clarity
remembered in separate continents
moving in orbits that touched
and moved from touch-point
to solitude
resident in other companionships
gnawing at life
one heartbeat at a time,
what will be said
but ‘time saw this’
in a consolation-sigh.

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