Monday, 9 September 2013


Pic by Nuwan Samaranayake

Those with map
reach destination
and the map-less
lose their way;
that’s easy dictum
the going-without-saying
of come-without-saying,
but this Kataragama
destination of pilgrim
resident of deity
landscaped with faith
and all its colors and moods,
creatures and habitat
is named and nameless
of freshly swept ancientness
home to all
no less home to each,
like all things sacred,
all things feared.  

[Inspired by the photography of Nuwan Samaranayake]


  1. It is a great poem when taken overall. Those with maps always do not reach the destination if they do not know how to read the map or the terrain has change. Again, there is a positivistic saying "Map is not the terrain". However a social constructivists may argue that "map is the terrain”. While the second part provoke your imagination and creates pictures on each readers mind (most probably each picture for each reader). However the words ‘freshly swept ancientness’ reminds me the concept of ‘commodification of culture tourism’ including local tourists.

  2. "no less home to each,
    like all things sacred,
    all things feared."
    I like this line. I feel it's true.