Monday, 2 December 2013

Prabuddha XVIII

When the white basin

with water was filled

within it residenced

the pure moonlight lay.

Perceived I the truth

for but a moment

and the mind stilled in silence

for but a moment.

Is it not possible

to retain

to sustain

that stillness

for eternity?

Slipped hands into basin

drew some water

drank my fill

my heart’s fill.


was another day.

And stepping out

one early morning

readying to squirt

the night’s accumulated liquids

the eyes fell upon the kiri habarala

noticed a tender leaf


in unblemished adolescence

and upon it a large drop of dew

like the immaculate love

of a mother

who had suffered

from long before time

to long after time.

‘Dear Lord!

Who but you

could craft

an exquisiteness

such as this?’

The heart was re-lit

overflowed with faith.

And at the moment of discharge,


‘Dear Lord!

This is my offering

in your holy name

to the kiri habarala.

He was alone

there before the Ruwanweli

before the great chaithya

dusk was the hour

and in the sky

a single star,


It shone and shone

this star.

‘If only I could

turn it into adornment!’

he thought.

He walked

to and fro

several times

until that singular point he found

where pinnacle, star and eye

were one.

Atop the Ranweliseya

that star

at that moment


and in all directions released

the incomparable light

the transcendental colors

as emanated

and emanates from the Buddha.

His mind was at peace

the resplendent stillness   

of comprehension:

Deepena thama Dhansinaa!

The gloom was thereby dispelled.

O Great King Dutugemunu!

Did you such splendor

ever witness?

[This is the eighteenth part of the translation of Mahagama Sekera's epic poem 'Prabuddha', an exercise that has the permission and blessings of the immediate family of Mahagama Sekera. Parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI , VII, VIII,  IX, X , XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI and XVII can be found in]


  1. great Malinda brought this to the World view!
    the greatest poetry anthology ever read!

  2. The great King Dutugemunu could not live until he view the final creation, the completed Ruwanweliseya he had to leave this world.

    He venerated the uncompleted seya that others showed to him by covering with a huge white piece of cloth

    i think he may have attained Nibbana by now for what he had contributed to this land we live

    This is a beautiful poem like your all other poems

    have a poetic day!