Tuesday, 17 December 2013


With chisel or pen
on rock or paper
there’s canvas and there’s crafting
there’s subject  and that’s choice
the mind’s delicacy
laid out in line
and deliberate blemish
an attachment that does not varnish
where sandpaper and eraser
are robber’s tools
and left untouched;
a meditation certainly
of their passing
and our illusions. 

[Inspired by a line drawing by Gamini Abeykoon]


  1. Nice verse Malinda. Gamini is a true master craftsman, and one of the most down to earth and simple people I have ever had the pleasure to meet and know for more than 30 years. I am glad that you discovered his creations online and took the time to pen a few words of poetry to his magnificent work of art.

  2. Your words remind me of the meditative effect of Samadhi budu pilimaya and ruwanweliseya. Whether the craftsmanship is in mortar or line drawing, the balmy effect of Buddha's presence is amazing....

  3. Talented artist. But the original image and idea was created in the eyes of a photographer. This exact lighting you don't see with the naked eye and only possible with camera settings and a creative mind.

    1. Just wanted to give the due credit since I know it is a rare photograph and I know the work of the talented photographer.