Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Bodhisatva Yield

Is it the Buddha that is drawn
from wood and learned-image,
the Gauthama of long ago
the prince turned mendicant
revered beyond veneration
or the name and notion
passed from century to century
in the gather and discard
of perception?

And is the yield
of buddhalambana joy
born of crafting skill
or the imperfection of seer?

Where lies Buddhatva,
in choice of subject
chiseling skill
the chisel, the wood
the eye or finger
the weight unleashed
the strength held back?

Is it a bird, an elephant
that is re-birthed
or just the artist
in bodhisatva yearning?


  1. I cannot understand the full meaning, yet this is so beautiful. May you want to write one every day.

  2. Thanks for the thoughts on the artist - his reason, skill and outcome.

    But I wait to read your thoughts on Buddha words (rather than Buddha image)

  3. Lovely. I notice that people passing the new statue of the Buddha on Havelock Rd pause awhile to gaze at it. It is very beautiful,like your poem. All statues of the Buddha depict the same serenity.