Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Epistles I’ve seen
inked visitations
of observation and report
they’ve come in glance and innuendo
changes of expression
short-changed response
to things real and perceived.
Epistles I’ve read
notes of passing and no-return
senders moving on
not too long after
the finality of eternal claim.
Epistles now arrive
from far away and now
hand-delivered love
crafted in write and read
and these notes of endearment
come now as box
as bookmark and candy
inviting a philately
that is not nation-bound,
for these epistles
cashew-shaped and coconut-frosted
are fluent in the grammar of enigma
of flirt and toy
and celebrate
in confusion and clarity
the timeless insanities
the undisguised blessings
of anonymity.

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