Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Queen Returns

What were those years like
would she know,
those track-ripping times
of anger and contestation
the affirmation of history by disavowal
the claim for a plot
by planting of mine
the attempted liberation of a people
by the conferring of dismemberment?
Did she know that her roar
would be out-roared
the chug-chugging out-gunned
in multi-barrel ways
that black smoke turned blacker still?
Or did she wait
in the manner of the regal
for a time that had to come
when magazines emptied
could no longer be re-filled
in the inevitable emergency

of life after death after death after death?


  1. Your poem reminded me of Karunaratne Divulgane's two songs romanticizing Yal Devi: Ane Yal Devi and Uthurin ena dumriye Devi kawuluwa langata wela...

  2. I made a small mistake- I think it's Sunil Edirisinghe who sings "Ane Yal devi'. For some reason, this song reminds me of your poem 'Kanthi', although the contexts are different. Kanthi is very lucky in the poem at least.....

  3. Malinda, what is this poem "Kanthi?' I cannot remember reading it on your blog. Is it found in one of your books? Do you mind posting Kanthi on the blog, I'm intrigued...

    1. already posted.

  4. Thanks for the link. It's so beautiful, whoever Kanthi is!

  5. "Someday,
    years from now
    I will look across the street
    and weep all the tears
    I’ve saved for you....
    (with apologies to your original work)

    Critics comment on the cultural and political motifs apparent in your work. True, but as a reader with no scholarly credentials, I perceive an undercurrent of sexuality in some of your poems. Obviously this sexuality is not pre-meditated but spontaneous. This subtle sensuality alone in your work warrants a commentary of its own!

  6. If you ever cross Kanthi's path today, would you feel the same way?

  7. Yes I agree with the comment that there is sexuality in some of your work...It would be interesting to read such a commentary.

  8. We never really die, do we.

  9. We die in this life itself- die in soul over and over and over... At least if those who crucify our souls while 'alive' could fee a fraction of pain and agony before their literal death, it would be some solace

  10. Malinda, tried getting your books of poetry at Sarasavi, Surasa, Godage, Vijitha Yapa to no avail- Vijitha Yapa has only EDGES. Where are these books available?
    A poetry fan of yours

  11. Just called Sarasavi, Nugegoda. They wanted 15 copies of each book. Will be delivering sometime this afternoon. You could also purchase from me (my office is in Punchi Borella: Rivira Media Corporation 742, Maradana Road, Col 10 -- I am there most mornings and often until late at night). Will be glad to give signed copies. :)

  12. will be delivering 5 copies of each book to Barefoot as well.

  13. Thanks a lot Malinda. In that case, shall drop in at your office to purchase signed copies from you which would be wonderful. It's good news that you are available until late at night, could drop in after work cos I work late hours too. I have never met you in person although I follow your work closely and would love to get to know you.... You must be quite an extraordinary man going by all comments posted on your blog!!!!
    I would love to meet you.