Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A long-night short story

Something brushed the surface
of a gin and tonic moment
something sank into liquid sorrow
in the retelling of retold stories
something cut through night
in the imagined stillness of the dark
something waited for expected word
in the thrill of vacancies that fill
something about hours and nights
wrote a story that will not be forgotten.

It was a story of all-this-time
of suffocating love
the mines of ownership
it was a story of a river
and a friend
one still and the other not
it was a story of a waning moon
a first-time observation
of light overpowered by darkness
and the terror of Amavaka.


  1. n the wake of the waning moon
    Retold stories were written
    In tears,
    In whispers.
    Across a pillow drenched.
    Against the terror of Amavaka
    A story of 'all-this-time'
    of suffocating love
    was told
    Not a novel on ownership
    Not of eternity
    Not 'happily ever after'
    But only to to be held close
    To remember a face

    1. If you are hoping to do a re-mix of all Malinda's poems in this way and publish here, the humble request from a genuine fan of Malinda Poetry is, please don't.

      If you are a student who's trying your hand at poetry, please publish them in your own blog, and it would be better for you if you didn't copy full phrases from someone else's work.

      Either way, posting right here re-mixed versions of a great poet's work even before we get a chance to read his original one properly is of bad taste. It spoils the whole exercise of reading his original work as it is.

  2. 1. I uphold freedom of expression.
    2. Comment is free.
    3. I don't believe in copyrights.
    4. Comments are usually read after reading the post.
    5. Relax. :)

    1. Well, then I am sure you can respect my opinion too. As a fan who comes to this blog to read your work, my reading experience gets affected when someone does a re-mix of it every time, right under the original. It's not nice. Writing a reply to it with different words would be a different matter. It might not affect our reading experience. But this does.

      You are not the reader. I am the reader.

    2. you asked me to relax. that's not nice.

      and you should encourage people to be original.

  3. Anonymous,
    How can your 'reading experience get affected when someone does a 're-mix' of it every time, right under the original.'?? As the blog owner himself has pointed out, 'Comments are usually read after reading the post'. So why bother to read 're mixes' or otherwise when you have all the liberty to read Malinda's original?
    How can somebody else's comments affect your exercise of enjoying Malinda's work? All you got to do is to turn a blind eye to comments posted by people who are fond of Malinda's work just as much as you are and just enjoy his work- it's as simple as that. If anybody has 'PUBLISHED' so called 're mixes' in another blog or in print form, then it's a violation of Malinda's copyrights but here, the person is merely responding.
    So as the poet himself has suggested, 'Just Relax'