Thursday, 26 May 2016

The beginning and end of forever

Forever begins
with heart-stop,
a virginal rebirthing
and umbilical dissolve
that separates and erases
all illusion
of heart, touch and things mis
Forever never ends, though;
it just gets lost in the
Alzheimeic plains
of reason and other encounters
The first love is also the last, I think. 

[From the collection 'Some texts are made of leaves', shortlisted for the Gratiaen Prize 2011]


  1. 'Forever begins
    with heart-stop'

    so true and beautiful.

  2. Hey Malinda, you can fool some people sometimes, but not everybody all the time.

    Your so-called "elegant" poetry CANNOT cover the fact that you were a Mahinda Rajapaksa stooge. We all saw saw how you went to the supermarket (කඩේ) for the dictator මැදමුලන ගන් කබරයා before Jan 8.

    Now you are slowly trying slither your way into යහපාලනය. We will not be fooled Malinda.

    What is your true feelings towards යහපාලනය?? Is it better or worse than your dictator Maraa's පවුල් පාලනය?

    You are a two-faced snake in the grass.

  3. I cannot cure you of your ignorance. Yahapaalanaya? How about some PAALANAYA for a change....yaha or otherwise? :)

  4. I fully agree with the definition 'two-faced snake in the grass'. It should be qualified as 'multi-faced snake'. Under your so called poetic finesse lies a hypocrite like none! You are full of venom nothing else- politically and otherwise--