Sunday, 20 November 2016

The tree and the vine

[a love story]

To the vine, the tree said thus:
Look at you, poor thing!
Can’t stand straight,
condemned to crawl!
Come, dear one,
use me, climb
and survey
the vastness of the earth

To the tree, the vine replied:
Look at you, poor thing!
Rooted and immobile
denied exploration
and so, so very naked!
But fear not, love
conquests shall I forego 
and encounters that delight,
I shall spin a yarn
clothe and decorate
and from embarrassment liberate!


  1. Beautiful poem .The best love lesson ever.Tree and vine replies ....'We do not have words ,we have feelings only , we live in harmony and peace.Please open your eyes and look around ,you see love everywhere except within human beings "

  2. It's a lovely poem dedicated to a sister, who is very lucky to have a big brother like you