Wednesday, 7 June 2017

“Love is never illicit!”

A midnight assertion 
took me to many yesterdays
the loving turning and re-turning of pages
the rolling of words on a mind-tip 
and an evening of finality,
that moment   
when Seeress asked and the Master replied
and where at the exhaustion of query
even after blessedness was acknowledged 
two questions had arrived and in arrival were answered:
“Was it I who spoke?  Was I not also a listener?”

I re-read the prophetic prescription
the nutshell version 
of the book “All about love”
and, in the manner of our days,
pressed ‘ctrl F’;
I called for “illicit”
and then 
in seerish presumption
from that unyielding text requested,
“And what of the licit, Master?”

There arose 
from the flame-tip
of an oil lamp
lit in a long forgotten temple 
the softest silence
and which, bathed 
in timeless luminosity 

And so in crippled tongue
this I am compelled to say:

It is no sin 
to name the undefined 
but we desist
on account of vulgarity;
the beloved is nameless
and therefore variously named;
the question of propriety
is a verse on moonlight
so why write about luminosity 
when to let it clothe 
is verse enough? 

Oh! Beloved!
I’ve digressed
so let me 
to the country of love

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  1. Wish I could have the same blessings of words .