Saturday, 25 February 2012


Water wave and sand wave
ripple and ripple
the endless crafting
endless eraser of draft
endless re-crafting
as though by a creator
annoyed by his imperfections
for sand wave is water-made
and so this ebb and flow
is constant reminder
of divine embarrassment.

[inspired by the photography of Hiranya Malwatta] 


  1. perhaps..
    it is divine impatience
    unsatisfied with each creation
    to find the best pattern
    till eternity and more!

  2. Dear Mr. Seneviratne a good poem. but not the best. i have something else to say.crafting or beautifying something all these are the wonders of the creator the nature. Erasing something or re - crafting the same thing all these things are happening according to the the rules of the creator/the nature. we should try to obey or understand these rules of the nature and that is 'divine' i sometimes like to think ...
    here i was particularly thinking about the picture.