Monday, 27 February 2012

Podi Haamuduruwo

Child, yes
and child enough
for boyishness
with spring and chuckle
but coyness too
in the framing of robe
the vinaya rules
and the larger dictates:
the paramitas
the karmic power
the choice and choice-lack
the producers perhaps
of this here and this now
of this childhood’s ordained colours
of reflection and reflexivity.

[inspired by the photography of Rukshan Abeywansa]


1 comment :

  1. Podi haamuduruwo will learn things slowly …. Podi haamuduruwo will learn and will teach others about ‘paramitas’ ….. podi haamuduruwo will learn about the things hidden and written behind the colour of the robe or life is not lighter than this robe. They surely will learn the difficulties of travelling in this sansaaric journey. Playful and childish behaviors will slowly come to an end and they will soon realize the weight of the life and how they should help the people who suffer from any or many life burdens.
    A Beautiful poem ….