Sunday, 11 March 2012

133rd Battle of the Blues

With 'Gamage Sir' at the 2016 Roy-Tho
(for Mr. Ranjith Gamage) 

There is a difference
between temperature and heat
but that was long ago
a long ago of ‘other things’
and ignorance
sloth and arrogance;
was held by hand
and walked through theories
and theories
that meant nothing
year after year after year
until other fears kicked teeth in
and digestive juices churned
and something slipped into blood
into cell and sinew,
but today teacher sat with student
told his story
the humble beginning
and the humble now:
‘don’t use bombastic language;
I like it mind you,
and I will never forget your mother.’
Teacher became friend a few hours ago
he had given without asking
and now says ‘what can I do for you?’
There are moments to bend low
and touch feet.
And that is the Big Match Report
this year.


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