Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Draft for an Amnesty International Anthem

I want accountability,
but I will not account:
I won’t tell who gave me bucks,
I won’t tell who told me tales,
if you are critical, we say ‘you are vilifying’
but we will vilify and say ‘it’s criticism’,
I will be a tokenist when it comes to Afghanistan
I will not say ‘policy-product’
when my master butchers or tortures;
I am Amnesty International,
mandated to mouth Washington’s script
I am a by-any-means-necessary servant,
I have a JD and work for my pay. 
I am kept.

1 comment :

  1. i like the title. to write a final version of something or about a group of people/ organization that generally known as harmful to any group or to any country you need to undress them more.

    Thank you for providing us this much of information about such organizations and situations mainly because as a citizen of this country i/we should know all these i believe or it is good to be aware of the things happening around us or around the globe. 'Accountability' is something very important in every level ( bottom to top)of everything and that is always good to be touched and discussed in every possible way especially when it comes to country matters .... i personally believe.