Friday, 2 March 2012

Moon thoughts

Twice framed:
The beeralu of the bedroom
and the lunumidella
in its singularity
of branch composition;
twice framed
and once blurred
in the scattering of clouds,
the part moon was orange last night
and fell in bits and pieces
through foliage and carpentry-curve.
Stepping out the poetic orange dropped
in different shape and size
through mango and kohomba
and cloud-blur,
and I
eager recipient and light reader
what patterned and coloured comforts
fell on or bypassed
an inmate and a soldier,
bylaws and leniency
those easy to get to
but hard to change places
of our collective infirmities,
but moon fell like rain
and rained and rained
unburdening the sorrows
of our human infirmities.

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