Thursday, 22 March 2012

An open end-note from Geneva

And so the caravans came to Geneva,
all self-righteous
all all-knowing,
some with bucks
and some with heart,
some naïve and some sly,
they came to try, they came to hang,
they came as judge and jury
and I went too
to say my piece
to part-pay debt
to stand with Varathan
my 3-wheeler friend
who lost his pregnant wife
and unborn twins,
in the name of the assassinated
the unnecessary dead
the inevitable wounded
the years lost
and the memories that will not be recalled,
to remember a that-time
and be grateful for a now,
in the name of my daughters
and a future they must breathe and walk on.
There’s a vote to be taken, I am told,
there’s a nation and a people
who fought for 500 years;
I hear they are ready to fight
500 more,
If they have to.
Geneva is cool
but nothing beats my country:
Sri Lanka.


  1. I cannot wake up for tomorrow....I am thinking how i can bring myself to log into read the headlines......

    where will the vote go?

    I am in pain .even as I type this few lines out of my sadness..hopelessness...feeling of lost..despair..

    my terrible rage I try not to think about it

    Indeed it will be a 'Doomsday for sri Lanka"

    rgardless we keep our fingers cross...we are not physically in Geneva..we pray for the ones who are fighting to get little sri lanka out of matter what the judgement..we will always be sri lankan...we will love our land so it is the only place inthe world that we finaly come matter where in the world we are

  2. They shall not overbear for we shall overcome

  3. a good poem. we meet different people/groups/individual where ever we go. Sorry i will have to use my Sinhalish way here to explain things in a better way.

    i have heard and i have met some people that generally belongs few different categories such as deshayata+ priya,Deshayata+ appriya, Deshayata+ hitha ethi (or hithakara)and Deshayata+ ahithakara.

    it is good if we see them all in one main category. that is Deshayata priya+ Deshayata hitha ethi+ deshayata aadaraya karana ( people who love their country)deshayata gaurawaya karana( people who respect their country). Deshaya here is our mother land and i was not referring to any 'videshaya' here.

    And i am sure that there were some hearts in Geneva.

  4. Walter Rajaratne22 March 2012 at 14:48


    I blessed you when I heard of your departure for Geneva. I have no choice but to stand by your decision to join the band of rogues who made this situation possible with CBK and Ranil from 2000 onwards.

    Same lot is back in business on silent Eelam cause. GL, Rajiva, Dayan, Samarasinghe .... those who gave legitimacy to the foundation of Eelam. Champions of 13A.

    From next week we shall see them with embolden mood advocating the blunder of antagonising India without implementing the 13A in full. So get your bag packed and be back here to restart from scratch.

  5. The most vociferous protagonist baying for our demise is Hillary Clinton. This is the same woman, according to Wikileaks cables, who declared Hosni Mubarak her best friend and tried so hard to prop him up. He is now facing charges of a multitude of crimes committed against his own people. George W.Bush might have been a disaster but even he had the good sense to distance himself from Hosni Mubarak when he imprisoned Aymor Nour on trumped up charges.

  6. The Indians learnt a bitter lesson when they held hands with the LTTE. The moot question now is which side will resort to treachery first. The west or the Sri Lankan Quislings ....