Saturday, 24 March 2012


It's a flat land,
come to think of it:
Obelix was right.
A flat land
where flat people fall
on their faces
lap up their own vomit
and say 'delicious'.
I think they think it's cheese.
So smile and raise a cheer:
Switzerland is flat.



  1. Every land is beautiful even the flat and non flat lands
    Switzerland,England, Finland, Queensland, Poland, Maryland, North Lands , South Lands, Netherlands

    but ....

    above all is our 'MOTHERLAND' ... the pure land, the beautiful land.


    so smile and raise a cheer!

  2. Yikes Malinda,
    That was pukey. I hope to God they have upgraded that airport. Dismal place. The airport I mean.

  3. i spent a lot of time in Versiox a suburb of Geneva past the "Nations" as they call the UN. The Swiss speak a very strange kind of French and I am sometimes a bit ruder than most laughing in their faces. The Swiss I have found are incorrigible racists. The Police are cussed and one should never retort even if we think they are wrong. I was used to France where you can tell a policemen to take a hike and he will probably follow your advice. French" poulets" are also down to eart and often let people go with a raised eyebrow and a "faites pas ca encore une fois". I loved Paris and the French police because they always used to talk of the beauty of Sri Lanka if they had visited. One man even said he wanted to divorce his wife and marry a Sinhalese girl. I was a busker then!

  4. The Poem was nice. The swiss are flatter in real life than their yoodling is.

  5. Poem is nice but not your nasty feelings about Swiss people you funny Chettyar! Let people like Malinda to continue with his creativity but you should keep hands off from poets and philosophers.

  6. Malinda, it is a very beautiful Poem. Only people with open hearts can enjoy something like what you have explained. Unfortunately what happened at the end in Geneva? What happened in Geneva was what we predicted for the last two years to the people responsible for what they were doing, and how they were trying to take the country for a ride. If they take some precaution now to save the country from more perils then they will have the support of all others