Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Summary Execution

This is not post-war
these times of claim and allegation
of selectivity and double-speak
of world-is-flat
and humans flatter theories
and theorists
these are times of self-righteousness
these are war-times
without explosives
suicide-bombers or assassinations;
these times came before another time
of a nation under siege
a time thirty years long
of everyday anxiety,
but this was a moment
a representative capture
of a summary execution
the world will not recognize,
the execution of kindness
unthinkable of a war criminal
the execution of the Manual of Hope
an introduction to the Book of Tomorrow,
the quintessential api venuwen api freeze.
It’s written not in act nor reception
but in the face of the saved.

1 comment :

  1. You have chosen a very thoughtful picture i should say.
    And i am sure that you may have taken this from the collection of pictures called 'the book of yesterday' .... We Sri Lankan can include some of these photographs even when writing'the book of tomorrow' ...
    'Events of history' never get old because those things teach us many things and one who prefers to write his/her own 'book of future'should refer that particular 'book of yesterday' written based on these experiences shown in the picture in very meaningful way i believe.

    i still like to believe that 'Api wenuwen api' is not a invalid set of words.....

    it is really sad that the outer world has not seen the 'human side of our heroes' .. you should select some more of these pictures not to show them to the world but to refresh our own minds about these experiences. ' and i strongly believe that these are true soldiers and not any ' actors' or 'models' from any advertising or filming agencies.

    this is the truth ... 'humanity' ...that some of those so called 'observers' have not captured in to their cameras or these are the accurate data that have not collated by some of the researchers who were there (?) collating information about how we 'won'and what happened during the battle against 'terror' ('maanusheeya meheyuma') etc