Thursday, 29 March 2012

Uma Shanthi

She came clinging
and falling out
of her father’s arms,
she was just seven
and said not a word
she showed love
by licking her father’s face
she was beautiful
this girl of seven
touched by some grace
without a name
named after a name
she would not know,
this Goldenhar girl,
just seven years old
running all over my heart
though she could not even walk.
Uma Shanthi,
seven then,
would be nine now
or thereabouts,
it does not matter;
she passed on
this purest of human beings
about whom her father said
‘she did not harbor one harsh thought
in all her life’.
This most beautiful of children
used to live
Past tense.
She never cried

but I do now. 


  1. T Sevandhi A Fernando29 March 2012 at 19:56

    I just did too Malinda. What a shame. Take care.

  2. Mr Seneviratne

    You did what you could do by writing on behalf of this child. and i am sure that those who helped this child and all the other children in need surely will gain something in return that is 'peace of mind'

    have a good day!